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After a string of hits in the 70’s in Holland the big international success came in the early 80’s with the Bolland & Bolland hit “You’re in the army now”. The track later became a worldwide smash in the version of UK band Status Quo.

Following that Ferdi Bolland achieved huge worldwide success as half of the hit-team Bolland & Bolland and as co-writer/-composer/-producer of the hits by Austrian rapper Falco. Songs like “Jeanny”, The Sound of Musik”, “Emotional”, “Vienna Calling”, “Coming Home”(Jeanny part 2), ”Wiener Blut”, “Titanic” became massive single hits from various highly successful albums, as well as USA, UK and worldwide number 1 smash “Rock me Amadeus”.

Over the years songs & productions were made for/with a string of Dutch stars & international name acts among which Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Amii Stewart, Samantha Fox, Herman Brood, Rob de Nijs, Laid Back, Barclay/James/Harvest, Johnny Logan, Dana International, New Jersey Artists For Mankind, No Angels, Suzi Quattro, Roger Chapman, Twinzz, Falco, Status Quo, Miguel Bose, Colin Blunstone, Katja Schuurman, René Froger, Gordon, Gerard Joling, Linda Roos & Jessica, Pia Douwes, Vicky Laraz, Cubix, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Hans & Candy Dulfer, 3 Musketeers, Falco Meets Amadeus, Ferdi Bolland Band and many others. Interesting international covers include USA’s Bloodhound Gang and Germany’s ‘Fettes Brot’. Total sales so far worldwide exceed 65 million units.

Over 100 international gold- & platinum singles and albums, a record 5 Dutch Export Awards, Ampex Golden Reel Award and numerous international awards were collected through Bolland songs & productions.

The biggest hit of recent years in France was a cover version of the Bolland Classic “You’re in the army now” entitled “Ici les Enfoirées” as lead off song for the legendary French charity campaign “Les Enfoirées”. The track, performed by a host of leading French artists went on to sell over 1.3 million copies through album, dvd and downloads.

Over the years successful soundtracks were composed and produced for hit movies “Abeltje’’ and “Babs” (Holland) and the successful Falco bio pic “Verdammt wir leben noch” (Germany, Austria & Switzerland).

On the television front the TV format ‘’TWINZZ’’, a talent show for identical twins created by Ferdi Bolland, was a primetime 8-series hit show on Dutch TROS Television in co-production with Dutch production company Tuvalu and also travelled abroad through a deal with Sony Pictures Television International.

Ferdi Bolland Productions and it’s label FB Records had the most successful football-related album release of the European Football Championship with an album by Dutch RTL Television stars Johan Derksen & Wilfred Genee, joined for the fun occasion by some high profile VIP guests. The album went platinum and spurred 3 golden hit singles in The Netherlands. We are currently looking at similar sports-related special music projects for other markets such as GSA, as we have a large experience in creating, producing, promoting and marketing such special projects successfully.
And if Holland again qualifies for a large international football tournament (just about time), we will also undertake an even larger follow-up project for The Netherlands.

We are working on a number of exciting new Live Event Concepts meant for the Dutch, German and Austrian live entertainment markets. The event concepts will be further developed in close cooperation with leading live entertainment production companies in these countries and the creation and development of new Live Event Concepts has become an increasingly interesting new creative avenue for our company.


Falco - The Legend

Following the very successful FALCO 60 album cd & dvd releases in GSA by Sony Music in 2017, a new album project was launched in GSA in 2018 by Sony Music in which the current top Rappers and Rap Groups in Germany perform Falco’s greatest hit songs in duets with Falco, produced in the contemporary production style of today’s hot German Hip Hop hit tracks. Many of the current German top Hip Hop stars were featured on this exceptional new album project such as Kontra K, Sun Diego, Ali As, Celo & Abdi, Nazar Haze and many others.

The hit musical production “Falco das Musical” has again embarked on a large-scale nationwide tour of Germany, Austria & Switzerland in 2019. This following the huge success of the production during it’s first tour of GSA in 2017 & 2018, after making it’s television debut on the highly popular Helene Fischer Show, with over 6 million viewers in GSA.

The production features all the big Falco hits such as “Jeanny”, “Rock me Amadeus”, “Coming Home” (Jeanny Part 2), “Emotional”, “The Sound of Musik” and “Vienna Calling” in a compelling story, based on Falco’s tumultuous life and career .

Still growing

As the heritage, success and legacy of the FALCO phenomenon is still growing every year, we are now already working on several new large-scale music & crossmedia projects for the coming years, culminating in the year 2022, the most impressive and substantial FALCO year so far.

In 2022 FALCO would have celebrated his 65th birthday, followed by the year 2023 in which we comemorate the 25th anniversary of his dying day. The projects and events will be set up, created and organized in close consltation with various parties historically connected to the FALCO heritage, such as Sony Music Entertainment GSA and The FALCO Foundation in Vienna.

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